About Us

My Fun Pillow was launched early 2017 to bring the funniest, craziest, and most unique Pillows around the world. We have a unbelievable love for Pillows and we want to bring the awesomeness to everyone around the world who shares that passion! 

Home of the Boyfriend Pillow! The Boyfriend Pillow, possibly the greatest invention since the Internet. Gives girls the love and support of a Boyfriend without the headaches and stress. We proudly carry a variety of this amazing product! 

So after unlimited and unbelievable amounts of searching and finding, My Fun Pillow has been able to bring to all our fans what they have been waiting for. An amazing, goofy, unique, fun collection of all the best and greatest Pillows and Plushes around the World! We offer the most  diverse collection of Pillows and Plushes known in existence!

Come join our Pillow army and become a true and loyal "Pillow Head"!